I once was a head gardener, and an author and editor of horticultural reference books. That’s the root of my interest in Botanical Latin.

I am now retired as a maker of wood-meadows. A wood-meadow is one the most biodiverse ecosystems in the northern temperate world, and the recreation as a novel ecosystem of a wood-meadow  seems to offer the possibility of  restoring some of the biodiversity we’ve lost in my lifetime. It is a practicable way of doing that.

It turns out to be so much more … everything is connected. We find that the more native plants we introduce to the wood-meadow, the greater is the number of other species of wildlife that have made it their home. That’s a whole world of Latin names for me to learn. And I find that the names that are new to me have stirred a new curiosity – so many form an interconnected web of meanings that relate and refer forward and back between genera. So, in my dilettante way, I’m going to explore them in Natural Latin. It will be a random thing. And I hope you’ll enjoy it.

Linden x

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